Creating space and defining zones to give you practical layouts for work, rest and play.


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Space planning


Good space planning is successful when the space has been considered before the building regulations are submitted. Having an interior expert on board will help you get the most from your internal space. We consider carefully how the rooms flow into each other, how they will function, assess usability, consider furnishings and design zones that achieve specific tasks. Being organised at the start will  minimise any changes during the build which can be costly.

The process involves the following:

  • Suggest a local architect if you have not already found one.
  • Once the architect’s concept sketches are complete we attend meetings with both the architect and the client to discuss further internal changes and before the drawing is sent to planning. 
  • Draw up a plan for kitchen and bathrooms and if necessary tweak the architect’s drawings to make sure the space works with the designs. This often involves moving internal stud walls, doors and windows.
  • Our CAD sketches are then given to the architect so they can integrate them into the final drawings that are then sent to planning. If you contact us at the stage when planning has already been approved we can still work on the internal layouts and these final drawings are given to the builders to quote for building, electrics and plumbing.

Below is an example of an architects plan (BEFORE) which we have redesigned (AFTER).

interior space planning buckinghamshire



  • We will survey and draw up the existing space 
  • Produce CAD plans of how the internal layout can be improved.
  • Designs for kitchen and bathrooms. 
  • Pass these drawings on to other professionals such as structural engineers and builders.
  • We will brief and liaise with trades as necessary.

In order to give your builder the full picture before they quote  we can help you provide detailed information for your tender pack to go with your architect’s drawings. This would include bathroom and kitchen layouts, lighting plans and an internal specification sheet.


interior space planning buckinghamshire


Furniture layouts

  • We can also provide furniture layouts for all the rest of the rooms on the house.
  • We will draw to scale any large pieces of furniture you are keeping and suggest new pieces of furniture with dimensions onto the drawing. This helps you decide on what furniture to order before you move in. It also provides a layout from which to position lighting and sockets within each room.

Lighting plans

  • Once the furniture layout is complete we will draw a lighting plan on top. This will show where down lights, wall lights, pendant, floor and table lamps are to be positioned. The drawing will also show which lights are linked to a certain switch. We can also show position’s for electric sockets. 
  • The drawings are given to the electrician and we usually meet to go through the designs. The architectural light fittings are supplied by the electrician/builder and we can help select the right colour, size and shape.
  • If you require ‘specialist’ lighting services we can suggest some companies to contact.



Architects will ask you to fill in an ‘internal specification’ sheet, which says what types of products you want to use and which areas they will be used and this information will let the builder give a more accurate quote.

We can help select the following :

  • Tiles and provide a tiling description or plan to show what areas should be tiled.
  • Choose doors and door furniture.
  • Choose styles and materials for windows.
  • Provide designs and material ideas for staircases.
  • Select the type of fireplace and finishes for the overmantle and hearth.
  • Choose finishes for sockets and radiators.
  • Choose wall colours and decorative finishes.
  • Bathroom design and specification.
  • Kitchen design and specification.
  • Designs for any bespoke fitted furniture to be made by builders cabinet maker.

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